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Lexington’s Black History Month Exhibit

April 4, 2012

Lexington had a wonderful Black History Month exhibit.  Each class worked to create something to display in the exhibit.  The exhibit included student-made timelines, poetry, posters, dioramas, research reports, biographies, essays, and student-made videos. 

Our class created biography wheels.  We used non-fiction books to collect facts about specific people in black history.  Then we placed the facts on a wheel that can be turned to show each different fact.

All students received an award for participating in this exhibit. 

Below are pictures of the exhibit, pictures of our biography wheels, and pictures of us with our awards: 

Thank you to the diversity committee for planning this exhibit and congratulations to Lexington students for a job well done!



For Our United Nations International School Friends…

March 27, 2012

Another little sign language lesson for our United Nations International School friends

March 15, 2012

A little sign language lesson for our United Nations International School friends

March 15, 2012

Hazardous Weather

March 15, 2012

We learned about different kinds of hazardous weather.  It is important to know about different kinds of hazardous weather and how to be safe in hazardous weather.  We made posters to help people learn how to be safe during hazardous weather.

George Washington Poster-Sajia

February 27, 2012

New Victory Show: Brazil, Brazil! -Sajia

February 17, 2012

     Yesterday we went to New Victory Theater. We went on the bus. We went to Manhattan. I sat with Dorgianni on the bus. We arrived on the bus at about 11:00 am.

     I saw Capoeira and strong men. We played with big soccer balls. We saw Carnival masks. I heard samba music. We saw men playing soccer. I was watching a movie with natives picking up the soccer ball.

     I liked the show. My favorite was the music. I learned about Brazil. I recommend my friends to see the show.

Biography of Ben Franklin

January 30, 2012

We each read a book about Benjamin Franklin independently. Next we listed facts about him using an outline.  Then we used the outline the help us write our first draft.  We edited our draft for spelling, capitalization, punctuation and English grammar.  Then we wrote second drafts.  Ms. Weinberg and Ms. Suarez gave us feedback to help us improve our English grammar.  Finally we created Power Point presentations about Benjamin Franklin.  We added pictures to make it more interesting.  Please click on the links below to view our Power Point presentations:

Angela’s Ben Franklin Power Point

Sajia’s Ben Franklin Power Point

Kiara’s Ben Franklin Power Point

Michael’s Ben Franklin Power Point

John’s Ben Franklin Power Point

Tyler’s Ben Franklin Power Point

Rosa’s Ben Franklin Power Point

Field Trip to the Bookstore-Sajia

January 6, 2012

A picture of me and my new books!           On Thursday December 22, 2011 we went on a field trip to Barnes and Noble.  Michelle works at Barnes and Noble.  She explained where to find fiction or non-fiction books.  She showed us different books.  I looked for books I wanted to get.  I looked for Rainbow Magic and fairy tale books. 

      I did not buy the books at the bookstore.  My teacher paid for the books.  A man named Mr. Kinitsky donated money to help Ms. Weinberg and Ms. Suarez pay for the books.  This was our holiday gift. 

      After we got books we went to Starbucks and I bought a hot chocolate and a pink donut.  I loved the trip because it was fun to get books.  I love Rainbow Magic books and fairy tales.  I was lucky because I did not pay for the books.  Thank you to Mr. Kinitsky!

Hispanic Heritage Research Report-Ms. Weinberg

December 22, 2011

During Hispanic Heritage month each student picked a country they were interested in learning about.  Students used non-fiction books to collect information about their country.  They used an outline to organize facts and information they got from the book.  Next, students wrote drafts.  They revised and edited their drafts using red pen.  They edited for spelling, capitalization and punctuation marks.  Finally, they used PowerPoint to create a presentation about their country.  They each presented their PowerPoints to their classmates to teach about their country.

Students wanted to share their PowerPoint Presentations with you, so please take a look:

Angela’s country presentation

Tyler’s country presentation

Sajia’s country presentation

Rosa’s country presentation

Michael’s country presentation

kiara’s country presentation

John’s country presentation